Childhood Oral Habits and Hay Fever

Sex AdjustedMultiply Adjusted
nOR(95% CI)nOR(95% CI)
Age 13
 Thumb-sucking or nail-biting7351.00(0.71–1.40)6831.05(0.73–1.51)
Age 32
 Thumb-sucking or nail-biting9560.97(0.74–1.29)7611.12(0.82–1.55)
  • Analyses by logistic regression by using hay fever as the dependent variable, and oral habit in childhood as the main predictor. Analyses are adjusted for sex alone, or multiply adjusted for sex, breastfeeding, parental atopy, parental smoking, crowding, cat and dog ownership, and SES. The differences in n values are caused by missing data for outcome measures or covariates.