Scoring and Distribution of Family Resources

ResourcesItem Scoringa% With Resource
Low (n = 160)High (n = 133)
 Motorcycle or car1419
 Sewing machine1427
 Videocassette player/recorder1123
Living standards
 Source of water
  Private pipe/pump21850
   Public pipe/pump15638
  Source of toilet
   Any flush/latrine22575
  Source of light
  House materials
   High-quality materials only2247
   High- and low-quality materials12132
   Low-quality materials only07820
 Number of sleepers per room
   1–2 sleepers per room22567
   3–4 sleepers per room14122
   5+ sleepers per room03411
  • a The overall Family Resources Index score is computed by summing the scores across all items. Families not owning an asset are assigned a value of 0 for that item. Overall scores are classified into low (<8) versus high (8+).