Antimicrobial Drugs Approved for Use in Food-Producing Animals: 2012 Sales and Distribution Data Reported67 by Drug Class, United States8

Antimicrobial ClassAnnual Totals (Pounds of Active Ingredient)
Aminoglycosides473 761
Cephalosporinsa58 667
Lincosamidesa419 100
Macrolides1 284 931
Penicillinsa1 940 424
Sulfasa817 958
Tetracyclinesa12 439 729
Not independently reportedb3 330 237
  • a Includes antimicrobial drug products that are approved and labeled for use in multiple species, including both food-producing and non–food-producing animals, such as dogs and horses.

  • b Antimicrobial classes for which there were less than 3 distinct sponsors actively marketing products in the United States were not independently reported. These classes included aminocoumarins, amphenicols, diaminopyrimidines, fluoroquinolones, glycolipids, pleuromutilins, polypeptides, quinoxalines, and streptogramins.