Growth Characteristics (Mean and SD) of Children With Down Syndrome With z Scores Based on the CDC13 and WHO14 Standard Growth Charts

VariableAge Birth to 3 yAge 2 to 20 y
nNo. ObsMeanSDnNo. ObsMeanSD
Age, y1625391.40.855310839.45.2
Height/length, cm16253873.68.9512979123.823.4
WHO/CDC z scorea−1.71.2510972−2.11.1
Wt, kg1625399.32.4552108133.220.4
WHO/CDC z scorea−0.81.25521081−0.51.3
Head circumference, cm16253643.72.7541105549.22.8
WHO z scoreb−1.61.059289−1.91.0
Weight for length z scorea1625380.21.1
BMI, kg/m251297921.15.8
CDC BMI z scorea5129790.91.0
  • No. Obs: number of observations.

  • a z scores calculated using standard WHO growth charts for age birth to 3 y14 and the CDC growth charts for ages 2 to 20 y.13

  • b z score calculated using standard WHO growth charts for birth to 5 y.