Performance of Rotavirus Vaccines Licensed in United States in Clinical Trials

ProfileRV5 (RotaTeq)RV1 (Rotarix)
Safety profileNo increase in fever or irritability, slight increase in mild diarrhea and vomitingNo increase in fever, irritability, diarrhea, or vomiting
IntussusceptionNot associatedNot associated
Shedding, %9 (of recipients after dose 1, rarely after subsequent doses)25 (after first dose peak excretion around day 7)
Efficacy against any rotavirus gastroenteritis, %7487
Efficacy against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis, %9885–96
Efficacy against health care encountersSignificantly reduced No. of hospitalizations, physician office visits, emergency department visitsSignificantly reduced No. of hospitalizations and need for medical attention
Efficacy according to serotype against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis, %G1 (95%), G2 (88%), G3 (93%), G4 (89%), and G9 (100%)In Latin America: G1 (91%), G2 (41%), G3, G4, and G9 (87%)
In Europe: G1 (96%), G2 (86%), G3 (94%), G4 (95%), G9 (85%)
  • Efficacy cannot be compared between vaccines, because 2 different severity scales were used in the clinical trials.

  • aIn Latin America.

  • bIn Europe.