Profiles of Rotavirus Vaccines Licensed in United States

ProfileRV5 (RotaTeq)RV1 (Rotarix)
Type of vaccineLive attenuated oralLive attenuated oral
Parent rotavirus strainBovine strain WC3Human strain 89–12
CompositionFive human-bovine reassortant strainsSingle human strain RIX4414
G and P typesG1P[5]G1P[8]
Labeled indicationImmunization against rotavirus gastroenteritis caused by G1, G2, G3, and G4Immunization against rotavirus gastroenteritis caused by G1, G3, G4, and G9
Labeled age of administration, wk6 through 32a6 through 24a
Dosing, mo of age2, 4, and 62 and 4
FormulationLiquid requiring no reconstitutionVial of lyophilized vaccine with a prefilled oral applicator of liquid diluent
How suppliedSingle-dose squeezable plastic tubeTip cap and rubber plunger of the oral applicator contain dry natural latex rubber; the vial stopper and transfer adapter are latex-free
Volume per dose, mL21
Shelf life, mo2424
StorageStore refrigerated at 2°–8°C (36°–46°F), protect from light, and administer as soon as possible after being removed from refrigerationStorage before reconstitution: refrigerate vials of lyophilized vaccine at 2°–8°C (36°–46°F) and protect from light; store diluent at 20°–25°C (68°–77°F).
Storage after reconstitution: administer within 24 h of reconstitution; may be stored refrigerated at 2°–8°C (36°–46°F) or at room temperature up to 25°C (77°F)
  • a The AAP recommends 8 months, 0 days as maximum age for the last dose of vaccine.