SOPT Essay Competition

2nd Annual Essay Competition for the SOPT Monthly Feature in Pediatrics

Thank you for your interest in the SOPT Essay Competition. This year our essay topic again focuses on the annual SOPT advocacy campaign, Access 4 Kids. Interested trainees are invited to submit a piece in response to the following prompt:

Having access to quality healthcare - including the ability to visit a physician - is critical for the health and wellbeing of all children. Unfortunately, children face a growing threat to their medical care as many politicians continue to challenge essential health and immigration policies. Though all children are at risk, the Access4Kids Campaign has identified several groups that are especially vulnerable, including children living in foster care or group homes, immigrant children (or US-born children living in immigrant families), children who identify as LGBTQ, and children with special health care needs. As pediatric trainees, how can we help to fight for the healthcare that these (and all) children deserve?  What can providers do to encourage others within the medical community to take a stand? Finally, how can we best empower and support our patients and their families? 

Who can submit: any pediatric trainee (medical student, resident, or fellow)

How to submit: submissions (please limit to 1200 words and 15 references) can be emailed to; questions about the competition also can be directed to this address.

Deadline for submission: May 15th, 2018

The winning article will be published in Pediatrics as a Monthly Feature, and the author will be honored at the SOPT Assembly at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) 2018 (November 2nd, Orlando, FL). The winning author will receive a $300 grant to help with travel expenses.

Review process: Each essay will be reviewed by the Editorial Board for the section. One edited revision will be offered to the top 5 finalists with the option to resubmit for final review. From this group two finalists will be identified, and the winning article will be selected by Lewis First and Alex Kemper, the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor of Pediatrics, respectively.